Breakfast Recipes High Protein, Chicken With Eggs And Mushroom Build Muscles And Loose Weight

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Well Breakfast recipes is here again with another recipe which will entertain you for sure We have a breakfast recipes high protein this recipe will make you healthy for sure. Actually this is a teriyaki chicken which will be made using spincah and mushroom

Ingredients For The Recipe Are Following:

  • Two chicken Breasts
  • Small chops of mushroom
  • Eggs
  • Three cups of spinach

The meal will give you 376 calories and is of 76 grams protein. If you want to build muscles and loose weight at the same time use this recipe. It is very high in proteins and very low in carbs.

First of all take the pieces of chicken and fry them in a bit of oil. After that put spinacha nd mushroom into it and fry them as well. After frying them both fry two eggs and take the centre part and put them on the chicken and spinach and mushroom your recipes is ready. Breakfast recipes is hopeful that you will like it.

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Breakfast Recipes High Protein

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