Breakfast Recipes Egg Muffins, Easy Recipe To Prepare On Trips And Enjoy | Breakfast Recipes

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Breakfast Recipes is here again with an awesome recipe for its subscribers rather for all the viewers in the world. We are having breakfast recipes egg muffins today for you and we hope that you will like this recipes . Do like and comment if you want this as it will appreciate us.

Ingredients for the breakfast recipes egg muffins:

  • Ghee Butter
  • Eggs
  • Sea salt
  • Chilli powder


Method for preparation of breakfast recipes egg muffins:

Well take the tray for making the breakfast recipes egg muffins and put the ghee butter which is melter in each cup of the tray. Make sure it is in all the cups and then mix it using your hand. Now take 12 eggs one egg per cup and put them into they tray one by one. Now sprinkle pink himalian sea salt on each cup. Now add some chilli powder in each cup. Take hot coals and put the muffins tray on those hot coals. Cook them until whites are white and yellow are slightly firm. After that take them out because they are ready taste them we assure that you will love them.


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